Monday, March 02, 2015


So, it's that time of year again. Plans are pretty much set to travel to Florida May 9th, and then somehow make my way back to Canada for the rains. Not sure if a trip up the East Coast like last year would be the best use of time and effort; any thoughts?

My only thought is that it would be better to focus on well-organized, day or even multi-day retreats. Anyone interested in organizing such a course in their area?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Canadian Bakin'

Stoney Creek is much the same as last year; new bathrooms in the main hall, the upstairs bathroom in this building waiting for renovations. Otherwise, same old, same old.

Another same is that we still don't have a good system in place for supporting the monastery food-wise. When the head monk is here, that's somewhat ameliorated, but he's gone often - right now he's in California, no word when he's back. So, it's just me and one meditator for now. And no food. Luckily, there's someone I can call in Toronto to order food by phone from restaurants; that's what we did yesterday.

But with more meditators coming soon, we'll need to set up something more stable... either that or move, I guess. We just don't have the local support here, being too far out of the city to build a strong local community. It looks like our solution for now is to try ordering groceries online and having our resident layman cook it. If that doesn't work, we may have to be resigned to ordering from restaurants Monday to Friday until we can set up something more stable.

Meanwhile, interested parties are welcome to support our organization via our organization page:

Thanks everyone for your support thus far. Looking forward to working with you all into the future.

Be well!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Actually, the cold is nice, as long as it stays outside.

Back in Stoney Creek, ready to hanker down and keep some of the commitments I've made over the past while.

Received a whole slew of presents... thanks everyone who sent such useful things, I will try my best to make sure they are put to good use.

Some things in the near future, a To-Do List, if you will, in no particular order:

  • Dhammapada videos
  • Monk Radio
  • Food for meditators
  • Buddhism at Stack Overflow 
  • Distributing HTM for Kids DVD
  • HTM II chapters
  • Thailand monastery repair funding
  • East Coast USA trip 2015
Longish, and I'm probably forgetting some glaringly obvious tasks, but that's a start. Remains to be seen how much I actually accomplish, but here's hoping.

Meanwhile, all is well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Free from physical obstructions, blasting off into the smoggy skies, heading for cooler climes.

Dizzy from travel, it will be nice to return to a more normal routine, of only to make good on some good intentions about teaching and such.

It's been quite the trip, and a lot to be thankful for; intercontinental travel (four countries in the past for months) without money is quite the challenge, so thanks to those who helped make it possible.

More from the great white north... Will wait and see how much can be done, but am hopeful to get some lagging projects caught up while the snow keeps me bound.

Flight in two hours. Blessings everyone.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Only The Mountain

Off to the mountains today, three courageous students in tow. Will be in nature until February 14th, then back to Bangkok until Canada in the 19th.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Back in the forest, staying at the cave monastery near Nissarana Vanaya. The resident monks have done great work fixing up and building it up anew. The caves no longer leak, to say the least. Five monks in residence, two of them foreign. I can say honestly that the work we did here building this place up wasn't in vain.

Quiet times for another day, then back to Colombo for the weekend.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution

Resolution is great, but why do I need new ones?

Been busy here in Sri Lanka, this is my first day without some teaching engagement (I think? Maybe my calendar is wrong).

So, teaching at private residences, monasteries, foundations, even the Bank of Ceylon. A few full day meditation programs, which were nice. One fairly terrible experience of realizing that my audience (and the person translating for me) didn't really agree with what I (or the author of the Visuddhimagga) taught. Awkward.

Sri Lanka is nice; they say it shouldn't be raining this time of year, but I think that's something they tell visitors to hide the fact that it really does rain 360 days of the year here. If not for the dengue mosquitoes, the rain would be wholly welcome. As it is, well, it is still mostly welcome to me, though it is sad to hear of the flooding that has caused much suffering this past month.

Off to the jungle on the 7th, then the mountains on the 11th. Back to Thailand on the 19th. I'm thinking we'll try to meet at Wat Lokmoli in Chiang Mai on the 26th of January and head off to the forest then. If you're earlier than that, you can stay at the monastery. If you're later, you'll have to take a bus to Mae La Noi in Mae Hong Son and we'll pick you up from the mountain.

Canada February 19th.

Florida May 9th.

Mindfulness now.