Sunday, October 26, 2014

Well, we did it

So, after Friday's 26 hours' flying and Saturday's 12 hour bussing, I walked into Chom Tong today, mildly dazed, went straight top Ajaan's kuti and joined the group who organized our 111 robe set offerings from this end. Got there just as Ajaan was coming out to receive us and, without a whole lot of fanfare, offered the robes to him and a group of Chom Tong monks. There was blessing and appreciating and receiving little token gifts in return, and then Ajaan was off to the first of four kathina ceremonies that day. For a 91-year-old...

We went for lunch and then followed Ajaan to Wat Rampoeng for the second (or third?) kathina and even got to offer robes directly to Ajaan Suphan, which was nice.

Sill blurry, back on a bus, waiting for lift off back to Bangkok. When I arrive, I'll be whisked off by some kind people (lots in this country as it turns out) to give my finger prints to the Indian government.

Anyway, we did it! Biggest good deed of charity I've ever spearheaded. Not sure what to do next year to top this. Anyway, anumodana everyone who was involved in any way - may we all be blessed with closer association with the Buddha's teaching and again speedy release from suffering!

Photos of the event will be posted on Google+

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sitting in the airport in Toronto. Off to warmer climes for the next four months. Will be offering the robes to our teacher on Sunday if all goes as planned, then either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok waiting to get a visa for India.

Hoping to get back into making at least a few quality videos again - maybe I can redo the How To Meditate series? Also finish the second book in the series. Hopefully that's not too ambitious.

If you're looking to visit me in Thailand, Jan 20 - Feb 20 would probably be best. I'll be in Bangkok from Nov 25 to Dec 20, as well, and there should be rooms, but in Jan I will be trying to head for the hills, literally-ish.

If you want to visit Sri Lanka, a beautiful, if somewhat deadly, country, Dec. 20 to Jan 20.

Just kidding about the deadly part. Sort of.

Peace to all :) And don't forget to join our online meditation group - I'll be on as Internet permits:

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Over the Rains

Today we exited the rains retreat with a simple ceremony. Four monks entered, four monks survived to exit. That's thirteen for me.

Our Kathina is Oct. 18th, and already it promises to be a great event with a large turnout.

Travel is imminent - I was hoping to make a short trip to the great white north next week, but it's not looking likely, unless I can wrastle someone into driving up with me, or take a bus.

On the 23rd, though, the real travel starts. I just received an invitation to accompany Ven. Saranapala from Mississauga to Japan, as part of the Canadian delegation to a global Buddhism conference in December. That puts the country count at four for this trip. So here's how the schedule looks so far:
  • Oct. 23 -  25: Bangkok
  • Oct. 25 -  Nov. 11: Chiang Mai
    • Oct. 31: offer 108 sets of monks robes to Ajaan Tong
  • Nov. 12 - 25: India pligrimage
  • Nov. 25 - Dec. 7: Bangkok
  • Dec. 7 - 14: Japan
  • Dec. 14 - 20: Bangkok 
  • Dec. 20 - Jan. 19: Sri Lanka
  • Jan. 19 - Feb. 19: Chiang Mai or Mai Hong Son
Bringing the good camera along, so hoping to make some more Dhammapada videos, etc. Should be some good opportunities for sharing along the way.

After this trip, the plan is to stay put in Ontario at least until the summer; maybe another East coast tour then, or maybe West coast?

Be well.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Trip to B.C. was quick; didn't end up seeing much of the province, as I arrived after dusk and left before dawn. The new BVS monastery is nice; birds, trees, even coyotes.

On Friday we had a Q&A session, which was a sort of a getting-to-know each other opportunity. Saturday was a full-day course that went really well, with many meditators coming to one-on-one interviews for advice. A wide range of participants, with a wide range of challenges.

Sunday was Sunday school, where I got to teach meditation to a whole room full of small people. Felt like a great success.

All in all, felt very productive for such a very short trip.

Three weeks to the Asia trip. Still no plans from February on; probably just coming back to Stoney Creek. Several inquiries about meditation courses. It will be nice to begin to establish a community and presence in Ontario.

Peace :) 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Okay, the dates are set for my travel this season:

Sept. 25 - 28: Vancouver, BC - will be teaching at the BVS ( from Thursday to Sunday. Saturday and Sunday will be full day meditation courses, I think.

Oct. 23 - Nov. 12: Thailand - will be offering robes to my teacher and maybe off in the forest for a bit. Bringing a camera along, hope to get back into making videos while I'm there.

Nov. 12 - 25: India - leading a meditation pilgrimage to the four holy sites

Nov. 25 - Dec. 20: Thailand - not sure really... probably teaching, not sure where

Dec. 20 - Jan 19: Sri Lanka - teaching in Colombo, visiting our meditation centre near Mitirigala

Jan 19 - Feb 19: Thailand - again, a  month in Thailand... there's always so much to do, I'm sure I'll either keep busy or disappear into the jungle.

Two meditators here now. Looks like that's it for this season, unless someone still wants to take up one of the vacant rooms in the first half of October.

Good thoughts to all :)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

oh, wait

The problem with life is you're too busy living it.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I've changed my ticket and am (probably) going to Sri Lanka from around December 20th to January 19th. I'll then spend another month in Thailand. After that, I'm pretty much free to go where the wind takes me. Any suggestions?

I've started a new google moderator series:

The idea will be to post suggestions for travelling to teach, and voting and commenting on them. Please comment with your specific interest in a proposal, or present your own proposal with details of your proposed involvement. As always, I'll need a place to stay and food for the morning. Some I've heard already include Los Angeles, Australia, Africa (please be more specific!), and the U.K. I'll probably try to be in Florida again around April.

Oh, the reason for my sudden liberation: we found out we need to actually apply for undergrad studies again, the deadline for which passed a month ago. So, no school in January.


Our online meditation group ( is going well; nice to see people joining daily. I added a third session that should be better for European meditators.

The Indiegogo project ended today at over $10,000. Turns out the robes will cost less than expected (~3000 baht), so we will be offering 108 sets after all. Yay to everyone who participated :)

Our Florida meditator is well into his course; Tomorrow a woman from Toronto will come for two weeks, and on Sunday Robin is coming from the Connecticut. We're looking to order food for them from the local grocery stores, since they seem to be able to deliver in the morning better than restaurants.

That's my updates. Be well :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

future cometh

Almost September. Hey, our Indiegogo campaign has raised 116% of its goal, and will wrap up in six days. It sounds like the cost of the robes might be a bit more than expected, maybe $120 each (3500 baht), but with all the support, we will still be able to meet our original goal of 84 sets. Good job everyone!

One meditator arrived yesterday from Florida; we have two more coming soon, one from Connecticut and one from Toronto. Still no confirmation on Vancouver, but I'm still expecting to visit at the end of September.

We went to visit McMaster University this week, found out I owed $50 in books from twelve years ago and couldn't get a transcript. Luckily, I have this nice non-profit organization supporting me; our treasurer took care of it and the transcript is on its way. Unfortunately, it turns out we were rather naive in thinking we could just show up and apply for courses; because we've been out of school for so long, we have to now reapply for admission to undergraduate studies, which deadlined a month ago.

So, probably not going back to school in January, which leads me to ask what plans to make for the new year. Just in the sense of whether I should extend my ticket to Thailand, visit Sri Lanka, or return back to North America to enjoy the dead of winter. Another option would be to make another trip south of the border; maybe visit California again, or Florida? Any thoughts or invitations?

September 13th we have a round table in Mississauga to discuss the upcoming Buddhist Chaplaincy program at UofT; I'm a guest speaker. Who knows, maybe I'll end up applying for that after all?

We've started online meditation sessions at; I've yet to figure out how to broadcast with an IP camera, but somehow I've managed to make my computer send video to the kind people over at who offer free streaming service. It's a bit laggy, but you can use it to watch me walking back and forth for a half-hour when you should really be meditating yourself.

And that's what's up here. Be well :)