Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking Off

Lots of happenings to speak of...

The McMaster Buddhism Association is coming together; our first general meeting is next Wednesday. Other Wednesdays we're meeting on the grass to meditate.

The monastery inauguration went off without a hitch; small gathering, but good vibes all around. Pictures are on Google+ for those interested. Right now there are three of us staying here; me, a Sri Lankan, and an American.

Our meditation group has ascended to another level of usefulness.  There is now a schedule for one-on-one interviews here:

This is for dedicated meditators to undertake part-time courses under weekly guidance. The neat thing is it uses video chat without any plugin or software; we already had two interviews today, and they went quite well.

Feeling busy, but in a good way. It's great to be able to cultivate goodness as a pastime.

Oh, and today is Ajaan Tong's 92nd birthday, so everyone wish him a long and peaceful life :)

Be well.