Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Settling In

Certainly not settled yet, but getting there.

Been crazy busy lately, moving into the new monastery, working with the McMaster Buddhism Association (MBA), and getting ready for becoming a schoolee again.

First, on the new monastery, it's... strange, really. It's a heavy burden taking on an entire building on one's own, but so far so good. Taking out the trash, sweeping, turning out lights, etc. Normal stuff. Problems still to solve: cutting grass, getting drinking water.

The MBA is up and running with its own website: We have a good exec team, and at clubsfest today we collected 98 email addresses to add to a mailing list. Now we just need to organize some events.

School is somewhat surreal... not a heavy course load by any means, but it's going to take some adjusting to how things have changed - I need something called an i>clicker, and most course material and discussion is on the Internet. At least half of the students have notebooks in class, probably half of these are on Facebook during class (but it is early still). Times have changed. #feelingold

The 20th is still on for our inauguration; hopefully we can get some of the MBA members to come out and rejoice with us. Daily sessions are largely unchanged, though I might start with some online chanting at 6:30 PM, once things settle down for real. Or is it "if"?

Be well.