Monday, August 24, 2015

done deed

So... it's been quiet here. Mostly because of switching to daily YouTube videos that serve as a video log instead of this 20th century text stuff.

Still, text has its benefits.

The project to obtain a house to start a Buddhist monastery and meditation centre in West Hamilton, near McMaster University, has taken a turn for the quicker; we've signed a lease for September 1st, and will move in around Labour Day. Our new address will then be:

2 Bond St S, Hamilton, ON L8S 1S7

The idea is to begin to set up a more concrete and useful presence locally, to begin to form a stable organization to spread Buddhist meditation practice to Canada and the world.

We had a volunteer meeting on YouTube last night, facilitated by one of our more active volunteers, and there was good participation from the community. In order to make the monastery project work, such participation and support is going to be necessary, so here's hoping we can work together in productive harmony into the future.

There's a video of the house up on YouTube, in case anyone would like to see where we will be broadcasting from next month:

That's about it for now. Thanks everyone for your support and participation in our projects.

Be well!

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