Thursday, April 16, 2015

Going Local

So, not been very Internetly active lately. As mentioned, there is some plan to work for a more local presence, but that's not the whole of it. There will certainly be more Internetting in the future, but it seems time for some changes.

For example, the idea arose to just invite Internetters to call on Google Hangouts, any time of day or night, with meditation questions. Solves a lot of problems... poses a few new ones (when to sleep, e.g.). Worth a try, no?

Locally, visited McMaster last week - met a few nice people, got a surprisingly encouraging response to inquiries. Seems there is an application for a Buddhist society at McMaster for next year, there's already an open mindfulness circle, and meetings are being set up to discuss both, so... encouraging.

The other side is a quieting. Less unprompted teaching. Inclination towards "if you want teachings, come and learn". More local meditators would be great, but no pressure to recruit. We are holding free ongoing meditation courses as usual; room and board provided. Come one, come all.

And this Sunday we'll start with Pali alongside the Visuddhimagga. 1PM to 2PM Visuddhimagga study, 2PM - 3PM Pali study.

Be well.

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