Friday, March 13, 2015

Changing Change

So, regarding this year. I applied to return to McMaster to complete my undergraduate degree, probably part-time, but still, that should change things quite a bit. Half the reason for returning to McMaster is for the environment; it seems like a good way to begin to establish a local base here.

So, come September, I will be a bit preoccupied. There is also an idea brewing for the organization to rent a house closer to the university and potentially start a monastery / meditation centre in the west end of Hamilton. If so, we'd have to move in July before the rains... if not this year, we can always try for January or next year, but it would be nice to be closer to the university, as well as having our own place dedicated to running meditation and study courses.

Also, it looks like I'll just be travelling to Florida and back in May; there is too much going on here to make it seem reasonable to leave for any longer than a couple of weeks. Have to give a talk on May 10th in Toronto, so, Florida from May 10 to 22.

 Finally, based on a promise to the monastery in Mae Hong Son, Thailand where we stayed in January, our organization will be sponsoring the repairs of doors and windows in their main building's meditator residences, to the amount of around CAD $2000. Anyone interested in joining with this wholesome venture is welcome to support our organization via the supporting page.

As always, may all be well :)

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