Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Canadian Bakin'

Stoney Creek is much the same as last year; new bathrooms in the main hall, the upstairs bathroom in this building waiting for renovations. Otherwise, same old, same old.

Another same is that we still don't have a good system in place for supporting the monastery food-wise. When the head monk is here, that's somewhat ameliorated, but he's gone often - right now he's in California, no word when he's back. So, it's just me and one meditator for now. And no food. Luckily, there's someone I can call in Toronto to order food by phone from restaurants; that's what we did yesterday.

But with more meditators coming soon, we'll need to set up something more stable... either that or move, I guess. We just don't have the local support here, being too far out of the city to build a strong local community. It looks like our solution for now is to try ordering groceries online and having our resident layman cook it. If that doesn't work, we may have to be resigned to ordering from restaurants Monday to Friday until we can set up something more stable.

Meanwhile, interested parties are welcome to support our organization via our organization page:

Thanks everyone for your support thus far. Looking forward to working with you all into the future.

Be well!

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