Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution

Resolution is great, but why do I need new ones?

Been busy here in Sri Lanka, this is my first day without some teaching engagement (I think? Maybe my calendar is wrong).

So, teaching at private residences, monasteries, foundations, even the Bank of Ceylon. A few full day meditation programs, which were nice. One fairly terrible experience of realizing that my audience (and the person translating for me) didn't really agree with what I (or the author of the Visuddhimagga) taught. Awkward.

Sri Lanka is nice; they say it shouldn't be raining this time of year, but I think that's something they tell visitors to hide the fact that it really does rain 360 days of the year here. If not for the dengue mosquitoes, the rain would be wholly welcome. As it is, well, it is still mostly welcome to me, though it is sad to hear of the flooding that has caused much suffering this past month.

Off to the jungle on the 7th, then the mountains on the 11th. Back to Thailand on the 19th. I'm thinking we'll try to meet at Wat Lokmoli in Chiang Mai on the 26th of January and head off to the forest then. If you're earlier than that, you can stay at the monastery. If you're later, you'll have to take a bus to Mae La Noi in Mae Hong Son and we'll pick you up from the mountain.

Canada February 19th.

Florida May 9th.

Mindfulness now.

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