Sunday, November 30, 2014


Just some idea of what may happen next year, should I live that long; many people are already asking, so...

As for the end of this year, on December 5th I'm teaching in Chiang Mai for a few days, then maybe going to check out the state of a meditation centre known only as "Bpa Miang", which I think refers to a predominance of tea trees, north of Chiang Mai. Then off to Bangkok and Sri Lanka for a month on the 20th.

January 20 - February 19 I'll be back in Thailand as mentioned. Still not sure the location, but somewhere Chiang Mai-ish.

On February 19th, returning to Canada. I've been mildly chastised already for not having a monastery of my own there yet, so maybe some movement in that direction can begin. Otherwise, pressure to go live in Bpa Miang and all that. My feeling is that a branch monastery of Wat Phradhatu Sri Chom Tong in Canada would be more impressive.

Anyway, teaching in Stoney Creek, ON until my birthday. Plans in my head to fly on May 9th to Florida, then make another bus trip, this time up the East coast. Maybe fly to LA as well?

The vassa starts July 31st, but the tentative plan is to be in Stoney Creek from June until the end of October, so should be a good time to look into seriously building a meditation centre in Ontario.

Beyond October, my already sorely taxed imagination fails me, but I imagine another trip to Thailand/Sri Lanka/India/Australia? is in the works.

So, now you know.

Be well :)

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