Sunday, October 26, 2014

Well, we did it

So, after Friday's 26 hours' flying and Saturday's 12 hour bussing, I walked into Chom Tong today, mildly dazed, went straight top Ajaan's kuti and joined the group who organized our 111 robe set offerings from this end. Got there just as Ajaan was coming out to receive us and, without a whole lot of fanfare, offered the robes to him and a group of Chom Tong monks. There was blessing and appreciating and receiving little token gifts in return, and then Ajaan was off to the first of four kathina ceremonies that day. For a 91-year-old...

We went for lunch and then followed Ajaan to Wat Rampoeng for the second (or third?) kathina and even got to offer robes directly to Ajaan Suphan, which was nice.

Sill blurry, back on a bus, waiting for lift off back to Bangkok. When I arrive, I'll be whisked off by some kind people (lots in this country as it turns out) to give my finger prints to the Indian government.

Anyway, we did it! Biggest good deed of charity I've ever spearheaded. Not sure what to do next year to top this. Anyway, anumodana everyone who was involved in any way - may we all be blessed with closer association with the Buddha's teaching and again speedy release from suffering!

Photos of the event will be posted on Google+

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