Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Trip to B.C. was quick; didn't end up seeing much of the province, as I arrived after dusk and left before dawn. The new BVS monastery is nice; birds, trees, even coyotes.

On Friday we had a Q&A session, which was a sort of a getting-to-know each other opportunity. Saturday was a full-day course that went really well, with many meditators coming to one-on-one interviews for advice. A wide range of participants, with a wide range of challenges.

Sunday was Sunday school, where I got to teach meditation to a whole room full of small people. Felt like a great success.

All in all, felt very productive for such a very short trip.

Three weeks to the Asia trip. Still no plans from February on; probably just coming back to Stoney Creek. Several inquiries about meditation courses. It will be nice to begin to establish a community and presence in Ontario.

Peace :) 

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