Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sitting in the airport in Toronto. Off to warmer climes for the next four months. Will be offering the robes to our teacher on Sunday if all goes as planned, then either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok waiting to get a visa for India.

Hoping to get back into making at least a few quality videos again - maybe I can redo the How To Meditate series? Also finish the second book in the series. Hopefully that's not too ambitious.

If you're looking to visit me in Thailand, Jan 20 - Feb 20 would probably be best. I'll be in Bangkok from Nov 25 to Dec 20, as well, and there should be rooms, but in Jan I will be trying to head for the hills, literally-ish.

If you want to visit Sri Lanka, a beautiful, if somewhat deadly, country, Dec. 20 to Jan 20.

Just kidding about the deadly part. Sort of.

Peace to all :) And don't forget to join our online meditation group - I'll be on as Internet permits:

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