Sunday, August 03, 2014

Social Book-Writing

Here's an experiment; I'm writing a second book, and I just thought, hey, why not let people watch me write? Google Docs lets you share your documents with the web, so why not put it out there and allow comments?

Obviously, the biggest reason is because a work should traditionally be well-edited before submitting it for public consumption, but maybe that's old-school thinking. After all, what better way to garner support and interest in a project than to make people feel a part of the creative process?

Anyway, I'm just crazy enough to try it, so here's the link to the first, unfinished chapter of my new book:

The neat thing is, I think you can actually sit there and watch me type. Check it out; comment as you like, I'm going to try to be as thick-skinned as possible :)

Be well.

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