Tuesday, August 05, 2014

How To Meditate: A Continued Guide To Peace

(working title)

So, the first chapter of my new book is more or less ready to publish, I think. The social experiment went very well - thanks everyone for your input. Some of the input was very helpful, some of it was well-thought-out but didn't jive with my own (admittedly-flawed) style. Anyway, the process was nice enough to make me want to try it again with the next chapter. Here's the link:


I've already written about half of it, as you should be able to see. Comments are welcome, especially if they are grammatical or typographical in nature. Doctrinal comments might be helpful, or they might be ignored, I can't say. Please don't take it personally.

I'm staying with my father this week, so I should have extra time to work on this. Hopefully I'll finish this chapter by the weekend.

The book also has a new home on sirimangalo.org at the following address:


Be well.

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