Friday, August 29, 2014

future cometh

Almost September. Hey, our Indiegogo campaign has raised 116% of its goal, and will wrap up in six days. It sounds like the cost of the robes might be a bit more than expected, maybe $120 each (3500 baht), but with all the support, we will still be able to meet our original goal of 84 sets. Good job everyone!

One meditator arrived yesterday from Florida; we have two more coming soon, one from Connecticut and one from Toronto. Still no confirmation on Vancouver, but I'm still expecting to visit at the end of September.

We went to visit McMaster University this week, found out I owed $50 in books from twelve years ago and couldn't get a transcript. Luckily, I have this nice non-profit organization supporting me; our treasurer took care of it and the transcript is on its way. Unfortunately, it turns out we were rather naive in thinking we could just show up and apply for courses; because we've been out of school for so long, we have to now reapply for admission to undergraduate studies, which deadlined a month ago.

So, probably not going back to school in January, which leads me to ask what plans to make for the new year. Just in the sense of whether I should extend my ticket to Thailand, visit Sri Lanka, or return back to North America to enjoy the dead of winter. Another option would be to make another trip south of the border; maybe visit California again, or Florida? Any thoughts or invitations?

September 13th we have a round table in Mississauga to discuss the upcoming Buddhist Chaplaincy program at UofT; I'm a guest speaker. Who knows, maybe I'll end up applying for that after all?

We've started online meditation sessions at; I've yet to figure out how to broadcast with an IP camera, but somehow I've managed to make my computer send video to the kind people over at who offer free streaming service. It's a bit laggy, but you can use it to watch me walking back and forth for a half-hour when you should really be meditating yourself.

And that's what's up here. Be well :)