Saturday, July 12, 2014

Radio, Rains, Robes

Today we'll be on the air with Monk Radio; lots of questions already. One question in my mind is how the video answers differ from text answers, now that I've been active on - I'm thinking to try to stick to more practical advice-type questions, leaving theoretical questions for the Q&A forum, since they seem to be better suited for that format.

Apologies for no regular videos; I find it difficult to get up any motivation to make videos when I have to be producer, director, cameraman, actor, etc.; it'd be easier to get motivated if I had a team, I think. Anyway, will try again next week.

The rains starts today; three months where I can't go anywhere... sort of. Actually, already have an invitation to visit British Columbia for a few days in September - waiting for confirmation.

As many of you are aware (and participating, awesome!), we're trying to get people together to offer eighty-four sets of robes to Ajaan Tong this winter. Sirimangalo International has set up an Indiegogo project and after only six days, we're already 41% towards our goal. Which is awesome; thank you everyone for your participation, this is going to be great. I've talked with my supporters in Bangkok as well; probably some of them will help and follow me up to Chiang Mai to actually offer the robes - you're all welcome to join us if you can make it to Thailand.

That's all then. Be well :)

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