Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Through the night to South Carolina

Back on Greyhound after one night at the NJ Buddhist Vihara and three nights in Maryland at the Thai Dhammayut monastery outside of DC.

NJ was nice; one talk has gone up on my audio collection, and there was some discussion about Buddhist concepts and meditation afterwards. We also went on a walking meditation trip through the forest. I'm sure I'll be returning there if I make this trip again.

Maryland was nice as well; I didn't realize it was a Dhammayut monastery, but they were quite accommodating and gave me free rein to teach as I would. Gave a few sessions of instructing in basic meditation practice, met with some old and new meditators one-on-one, and had some discussion with some of the lay people, mostly in English. Stayed in a luxury RV in the parking lot of the monastery, which was more comfortable than a tent would have been :)

Next stop is Greensville, SC, to stay with Ayya Sudinna, a Sri Lankan Bhikkhuni who has invited us to visit. Will arrive there tomorrow morning around 9 AM.

Be well.

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