Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sorry, missed a step in my blogging. South Carolina was great; spent two nights in a tent, William in another. Ayya Sudinna was a kind hostess. We each gave a talk on Saturday, and several people came to listen and learn during the time I was there. Two came all the way from North Carolina, and a few others in the area who had been following me on the Internet introduced themselves.

Atlanta was a shorter stop, but still a great time. Stayed at a meditator's house and gave a talk Sunday evening which is now on my audio page. Met with several people individually and conducted a day course Monday.

Now, after an all-night bus to Orlando, we're on our last bus of the trip to Tampa at 5:47 AM.

Schedule for Tampa is an afternoon talk at USF on Thursday, a program at a private residence on Saturday, and a day course at the Florida Buddhist Vihara on Sunday - if I got any of this wrong, apologies... it's been a longish night :)

Be well. 

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