Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Good Things

Hey all :) A few good things to talka bout today. First, the East Coast trip is on, and the schedule has been finalized...ish. Here it is, with finally some details about where I'll be staying and what I'll be doing:

  • June 9-12 Worcester, MA (3 nights)
  • June 12-15 Long Island, NY (3 nights)
  • June 15-18 Washington, DC (3 nights)
  • June 19-21 Greenville, SC (2 nights)
  • June 21-23 Atlanta, GA (2 nights)
    • Staying at a private residence in Johns Creek
  • June 24-30 Tampa/Dunedin, FL  (6 nights)
A friend is accompanying me as an assistant, and we should have a constant Internet connection to let people know what's happening, as it happens. As always, contact the coordinator in your area via

Translations... still waiting on a bunch; anyone have updates? Norwegian just came in yesterday, should be up on the website soon. I sent the Thai off to someone in Thailand for hopeful completion.

And videos.  Here's where I ask for your help. YouTube is great for hosting videos, but it's not so good for organizing them, especially when you've got 951 of them. So, I've created a new subdomain, to help us organize them. You can go there to view the current list, and if you want to help add and sort videos, go to If I can get a bunch of dedicated people working on this, sorting through my videos and putting them in the right categories, that would be most awesome.

Speaking of awesome, food is also awesome. Thank you everyone for making sure we don't go hungry this month. Our steward is really gone and though David Holmes is still here, his health is not so good, certainly not up to cooking, etc. And anyway, isn't it wonderful to be able to donate food to monks? I mean really. We're all set until I leave for Florida, so the food calendar is full until July 1st or so.

And that's all for now. Be well.

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