Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alms Redux

Our steward disappeared a couple of days ago, made us realize how precarious our arrangement is and how we should really look into restarting our alms round if we want to keep alive and doing good things. Yesterday we went to a Vietnamese restaurant run by a nice couple and their son. On the door was a sign for JustEat.ca, which made me think that maybe there were people out there who would like to support us in this way from afar. I looked up the website and it seems pretty easy; if anyone would like to keep us alive one day, they can just go to http://www.just-eat.ca/area/l8e-hamilton (our area page) and pick a restaurant that can deliver before 12 PM (we can eat our daily meal any time before 1PM during daylight savings time). Our address is 516 Barton St., Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 2L6 and telephone is (905) 515 0864 

There's normally two of us here for lunch, and we usually have food on the weekends, so it's really only Monday to Thursday that we have trouble.

Drop a note beforehand to let us know of course, so we can coordinate things from this end. If anyone would like to offer this sort of charity on a regular basis, that would be great too.

May all be well.

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