Saturday, April 05, 2014

south for the summer

Okay, here's an ultra-tentative schedule for our trip to Florida... more like a sketch, really. Lots of room for adjustment, provided I can still make it back to Ontario before the 10th or so of July. Some of this hasn't been confirmed yet, so this is really just to give an idea of when we may be passing through.

June 9-12: Worcester, Mass
June 12-15: Long Island, NY
June 15-16: Ocean Grove, NJ
June 16-19: Washington, DC
June 19-21: Concord, NC
June 21-22: Columbia, SC
June 22-23: Atlanta, GA
June 23-24: Orlando, FL
June 24-July 1st: Tampa, FL

If I've missed anyone, please let me know, or if you want to add to this list.  The first two stops are most likely set, due to constraints at their ends. The rest is still unconfirmed and can be shifted a bit if necessary.

I'll be updating the website at and there's already a nifty contact form there to request info or make an invitation to visit.

I have at least one male person who has offered to join me for the entire trip; please let me know well in advance if you would like to join us as well.

May all beings be well :) 

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