Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Getting organized on many fronts; before I can start making videos again, some technical difficulties have to be overcome. No cameraperson means trying a camera remote - gratitude to whoever ordered the remote off my wishlist - if it works as expected when it arrives, I'll be able to record videos again.

Next comes the computer - it seems to have broken in transit from Winnipeg - had to replace the cpu fan, but the graphics card isn't working either. have requested Sirimangalo International to purchase a new computer system (the one I have is five years old and has been to four different countries on three continents so far - talk about mileage).

Having a board meeting tonight to discuss moving the organization from Manitoba to Ontario, more organizationing.

Also trying to organize the whole Pali study thing, but it seems studying while under the influence of a cold virus is something this monk can't do.

Still sick, almost recovered I think. Was going to start Monk Radio up this weekend, but I think it better to wait until the organizing dust has settled a bit.

Went to a Laotian house this morning for alms. Four monks from four different countries (none of which being Laos); I being the only one who doesn't speak Laotian was asked to give a talk in Thai, which is the native language of no one in the building. It was heartwarming, really, after all the silly cultural stuff I've witnessed, to see us all trying to stumble our way through language and cultural barriers and no one really caring because we're Buddhists and, well, why cling to such things anyway?

That's why I like living in Canada as a monk. Well, Ontario anyway; Winnipeg was a little too Canadian for me, I think. Ontario is a nice place to live, lots of activity, highly multicultural so not so much clinging to this or that culture. Okay, so maybe it's because I was born here, I don't know. I admit that, having been all around the world, there's one thing most people upon and it's that there really is no place like home.

Of course, home is where the heart is and all that; and certainly on a monastic level there are better places to live than Barton St., but as far as organization goes, I can't imagine a better place to do it.

So, here's how the organizing comes out:

All video making and online question answering is being postponed until at earliest next week.

The USA trip is now down to the following locations:

9-12: Worcester, MA
12-15: Long Island & New York, NY
15-16: New Jersey
16-19: Washington, DC
19-22: Concord, NC
22-24: Atlanta, GA
24-30: Tampa & Dunedin, FL

Pali study is waiting for my brain to recover from its battle with tiny flesh-eating monsters. Here's what I managed to read today:

‘‘bhikkhave, pālileyyakahatthinā mama sabbakiccāni katāni. Evarūpañhi sahāyaṃ labhantena ekatova vasituṃ yuttaṃ, alabhantassa ekacārikabhāvova seyyo’’ti

Which translates a la Thai grammar:

"See here all bhikkhus, (that which is all kamma) which should be done (by a person) in total for me has been done by the elephant named pālileyyaka. Well, that which is the by-one-who-obtains-a-friend-who-is-of-such-a-form living indeed in-the-way-of-being-as-one was proper; that which is the state (of one) who does not obtain (a friend who is of such a form) being one who wanders alone is a state that is more exalted (is)."

Honestly, that's how they translate it... and trust me it makes about as much sense in Thai :) My poor virus-riddled brain.

Be well :)

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