Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Sitting in a beat-up old arm chair in the Bangkok airport waiting for our gate to open. Soon the illusion of Thailand will be replaced by the illusion of Beijing, Toronto, and finally an illusory Cambodian monastery in Stoney Creek, if I don't get stranded somewhere in the meantime.

Thailand was nice; able to see the good side clearer now that the bad side is at arm's length. I'm sorry to see how deeply divided the country is, but not surprised; the harmony and smiles were ever but an illusion.

What did become clear is how important it is to keep one's focus on one's own universe - the experiential world inside oneself and in the relationships in which one partakes. Goodness isn't an option, helping others not a luxury. When one helps others one helps oneself; when one helps oneself, one helps others, as the Buddha said.

A note about the trip to Florida, I don't have a confirmed assistant yet, so those of you male people who mentioned your interest, hopefully at least one of you are able to join me. There's also at least one woman who plans to join the trip, so we may have a bit of a posse of sorts. Bring your own tent. More on the trip once I've actually figured out how such a trip works bus-wise and such.

Flying again, landing April 2nd, 1810h, Pearson, Terminal 1, Air Canada flight 32.

Be well.

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