Thursday, March 06, 2014

East Coast Dhamma Carika 2014

Just starting to think in detail about a potential bus trip from Ontario, Canada to Florida, USA. Many people have expressed interest, and it seems like a potentially good way to spread the dhamma. We could also maintain a web page giving our location in real time, video hangout, etc.

Thinking the month of June would be a good time to make the trip, just before the traditional rainy season retreat. In Florida, we'd stay with my mother for a bit and then return back to Ontario for the rains.

To the best of my thinking powers, here's what we need to make the trip happen:

- Assistant:
  - male, accomplished meditator, healthy

- Destinations:
  - invitations to visit meditators in cities roughly between New York and Florida
  - accommodation, preferably lawn space to set up two tents (or a building without female residents); also access to bathroom/shower

- Resources:
  - transportation: bus tickets (paid for by donations to Sirimangalo International)
  - food for our morning meal, can be kept overnight by assistant if non-perishable
  - a/v, notebook computer (mostly already have)
  - unlimited 3G Internet SIM

So, first and foremost, I guess, we need to hear from people on the east coast who would like to host me and an assistant for a night or two (or more, if desired) in their home town. Once we have a destination list, we can start to map out a travel plan and schedule.

And so, without further ado, let me know here if you would like to destinate us in your home town and what sort of activities you might be able to organize.

Hopefully this can be the start of an annual dhammacarika, à la the Buddha:

caratha, bhikkhave, cārikaṃ bahujanahitāya bahujanasukhāya lokānukampāya atthāya hitāya sukhāya devamanussānaṃ. ekena dve agamittha.

Wander, o bhikkhus, on a wandering for the benefit of many folk, for the happiness of many folk, out of sympathy for the world, for the welfare, for the benefit, for the happiness of angels and mankind. Don't two of you go as one.

desetha, bhikkhave, dhammaṃ ādikalyāṇaṃ majjhekalyāṇaṃ pariyosānakalyāṇaṃ sātthaṃ sabyañjanaṃ kevalaparipuṇṇaṃ parisuddhaṃ brahmacariyaṃ pakāsetha.

Declare, o bhikkhus, the dhamma, beautiful in the beginning,  beautiful in the middle, beautiful in the end, both in meaning and in letter; announce the fully and totally complete and pure holy life.

santi sattā apparajakkhajātikā, assavanatā dhammassa parihāyanti, bhavissanti dhammassa aññātāro.

There exist beings who by nature have little dust in their eyes; not hearing the dhamma, they will fall away from the dhamma, become foreign to the dhamma.

Mv 1.8

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