Monday, March 03, 2014


Spoke with my teacher about our booklet translation project - he was very supportive and said we should aim for 111 languages (something about this number and the ancient teachers). So, calling all translatatorists out there - if you have a language that the booklet on how to meditate hasn't been translated into yet, please help us by sacrificing a few weeks of your time to get as many languages in before the end of the month.

The booklet now has its own hot link at so you can go there to get the original text. Send me an email if you do start - my email is at (yuttadhammo). Thanks all those who have done or begun to translate this work.

Heading off to Bangkok today to begin intensive study of the Pali language in Thai... again. Maybe I can do a translation of the booklet into pali some day :) In the meantime, I'm pretty stuck for the next two years translating the dhammapada stories from Pali into Thai. That and memorizing Thai grammar texts - plans to translate them into English if I have time.

Be well.

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