Sunday, February 16, 2014

Caught up

Big busyness lately; I'd been preparing for my first patimokkha recital in over a year when I was invited to give a talk in Thai the day before Magha Puja, a few hours before the talk was to start... Blah. Patimokkha went really well though, 34 minutes even with a brief interruption.

Then I was invited to give opening instruction at Wat Lokmoli in Chiang Mai that evening... a little tired, to say the least, but it went well, I think. Alms round in Chiang Mai yesterday, back to Chom Tong for an hour, back to Wat Lokmoli, then this morning one-on-one reporting for about twenty Thai meditators. Closing talk and ceremony this afternoon, staying tonight in Chiang Mai, heading to Mae Laa Noi tomorrow, then (still with me?) to Wat Tam Bua Tong for the Parivasa. 27th some students coming, 2nd back to Chom Tong, then Bangkok at some point in March.

And I've started the Thai pali studies again, at Ajaan Tong's request. And I might be getting laser eye surgery in March. And I'm thinking of a bus trip down the East coast to Florida for June.

You know, the usual stuff.

Be well.

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