Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Arrived in Bangkok yesterday without much hitchiness - a few hours in Frankfurt, much standing, walking, sitting, lining up, etc. Travel's always an adventure and all that.

Got a cold from Lakhun in Stoney Creek, I think. Planning to stay in Bangkok for the month, go to Chiang Mai next month -better recuperationing here.

Here, a teak hut on stilts over a fish pond in an orchard behind a Lotus shopping mall in Bang Keh, the West Bank (fung ton) area of Bangkok. Birds are singing, megaphones are blaring, helicopters flying overhead. Balmy, 30 degrees or so. Dudn't get much more Bangkoky than this.

All that talk about shutting the city down, realise how ridiculous it is; most of the city wouldn't know the difference.

I've a new theory on Thailand; that there is much goodness here, as long as you avoid anything approaching organisation.  Keep under the radar and there are still lots of good folk. That's the theory.

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