Monday, December 30, 2013

still change

Changed my trip dates, leaving Toronto on January 6th, returning April 2nd. Somehow I'd counted out three months to end the beginning of March, so apologies for suggesting I'd be back then.

Looks like Winnipeg is a thing of the past; computer and video equipment is en route to Stoney Creek, and the organization will probably move to Ontario in the Spring. Just one of those things, it seemed like spending the entire year on the tundra was too much, and our hosts were, reasonably enough, not interested in providing us space for the warm half of the year.

So, homeless again... er, still. Which isn't a problem personally at all, it just makes certain things like teaching courses and recording videos a bit difficult. And then there's the organization's stuff - books, lights, cameras, etc. that is unsurprisingly difficult for one wandering monk to cart around.

Anyway, so it goes. Looking forward to some quiet time in Thailand; some secret spots where a homeless bum can disappear for a while. Yay :)

Be well.

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