Monday, December 23, 2013


On the bus between Niagara Falls and Rochester. New plan is to spend Christmas with mom, the bardo between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve with dad, then New Year's proper back at Wat Khmer Krom in Stoney Creek.

Stay at Wat Khmer was nice. It's always a good time with Lakhun Dhammo. I have to say he's definitely a BFF (n.b. I'm not quite sure what BFF means).

Having a conference call with Winnipeg tonight; I was finally contacted today by a Thai Winnipegger, so we know they exist. Being back in Ontario makes me think I'd like to spend more time there, though. Winnipeg is so... cold. Thinking maybe to come back from Thailand in March, stay in Ontario until May, then spend the vassa in Winnipeg, returning to Ontario in time for the snow. Plans, plans, plans, mice, mice, mice.

"And so it goes."

-- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 

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