Monday, November 04, 2013

circle game

Mogharaja has gotten a ticket to go to Thailand with me in January; we've decided to try to apply for non-immigrant visas and possible stay longer than a month. If nothing else, the trip will allow us some time to plan our next move. It doesn't look like there is much room at the monastery in Stoney Creek right now, so we're not going to make the move to Ontario yet. Lots of support (and protest!) from people in Winnipeg for us to stay here. Not sure if it is enough, but it is encouraging.

About my last post, I was thinking about the many expectations placed upon monks by culture, and thought to talk a little about the difference between religion and culture. I'll save it for another blog post though, so it has its own space apart from these updates.

I'll try to be online at 9 PM (Winnipeg time) every evening again for Skype and private hangouts. ring me up if you want to talk. My Skype username is just yuttadhammo.