Thursday, October 24, 2013

these aren't the monks you're looking for

So, the move happened as planned, but the the situation changed before the boxes were finished being unpacked and we're now looking to find a new place to live... within the next three months. It doesn't look like we have a suitable place in Winnipeg, so we'll probably be heading to Ontario to see about staying in Stoney Creek for a while, maybe as early as November.

Needless to say, this will likely put a damper on internet activities for a while. Finding a stable living environment takes precedence, after all.

One idea we've been talking about is joining forces with lay meditators who are interested in pooling their resources to buy land and live in a communal housing situation with other lay meditators. If we could work it out, our organisation could run a meditation centre / monastery on the same land, under some agreement or other. There are a couple of people interested in the plan here in Winnipeg, so we may come back to work with them on that.

Still, it is looking as though overall we're not the monks this town is looking for.

Peace to all.

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