Wednesday, October 02, 2013


From my most recent attempt at an online public hangout, got a glimpse into the belly of the Internet beast... seems there are trolls looking for public hangouts and doing their best to wreak havoc on them.  Sometimes too much exposure is a bad thing, I guess.  The biggest flaw in the Hangout thing AFAICS,  is that the hangout has no centre moderator who can kick people out who misbehave.

So, I need new ideas on how to continue with this public presence thing.  One idea is to do a radio-show-style Hangout on Air and take Skype calls or something.  Still not very public, and more complicated than I'd like.

Another idea would be to switch to something like PalTalk, which unfortunately doesn't work with Linux.  At least with PalTalk, though, one has moderator control.

Any suggestions?  Otherwise, I'm tempted to give the Internet up for lost, unfortunately.  Maybe one-on-one sessions are better.  Until I can think of something more public, I'll just keep Skype open between 9 and 10 and take calls as they come.  

Update: i was just reminded that Google Plus hangouts can be conducted one on one, and I'm always on Google+ so that probably works better. You can just message me via Google Plus and we can do a video hangout that way 1 on 1.