Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Last night I had an impromptu Google+ hangout and 13 people came and went, including two Samaneri.  I get a lot of people trying to contact me to talk about meditation, and am not normally inclined to spend the time and energy required to answer all the messages - that was the reason for Monk Radio, after all.  I think having a daily "Office Hour" actually will work better in answering the demand, especially based on last night's turnout.

I know, it's nothing like a private tête-à-tête but it should do as a means of making first contact with the general public - if more intensive help is needed, we can schedule private hangouts as appropriate.  Honestly, Google+ hangouts is a great platform, and easy enough for it not to be a burden to stay connected.

So, let it be officially announced that I'll try to be online in a public hangout at 9 PM every weekday Winnipeg time.  If you want to be get notification of the session, you can let me know and I can add you to the hangout circle, otherwise I think it should show up on my Google+ profile... or maybe you have to have me in one of your ciricles?  Not entirely certain.  Anyway, here's my profile page:


Still no move to make new videos, Dhammapada or otherwise, sorry.  I think it might have to wait until we get settled in our next home, after October 20th, which is coincidentally the end of the rains.

Speaking of which, the rains is almost over - time flies.  Michael is on his ten-day review course, after which he'll be ordaining as a samanera, if all goes as planned, maybe somewhere around the end of the rains as well.

Otherwise, just hanging out in my garage.  My new self-bestowed title is "That Guy Who Lives in the Garage".  It has a nice ring to it, no?

Peace, all.

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