Tuesday, October 08, 2013

coming events

The rains ends in 10 days; my 12th, IIRC. Not much rain, but it's gotten cold recently.

Right after the rains is over, we're moving to our new location, a smaller house with a bigger yard, a few km from our current location, still within Winnipeg city.  The move is a big step forward for us; even though the house and property is much smaller than our almost-forest-monastery out in St. Anne, this one promises to be far more sustainable in the short term.  At any rate, it is being purchased as a dedicated monastery for the long term, so it brings welcome stability to our organization.

Our first order of business once we move will be to insulate the garage so I have a place to hibernate live for the coming winter.  Hopefully we can put a second bathroom in the basement and eventually two more bedrooms for meditators.  Currently there are only two bedrooms and one bathroom in the house.

In other news, the anagarika formerly known as Michael has been scheduled to ordain as a novice monk on October 20th.  The ceremony will be held at the MBVCA at 640 McGee Street in Winnipeg at 11:30 AM.  All are welcome.  In the interest of providing inspiration to our new novice, I have given him the auspicious name of Mogharājā - "the useless king".

Kidding aside - well, actually as near as I can tell, that is the most literal translation of the name - Mogharājā was the most famous of the Brahmin students of Bavari, a teacher of the Vedas who sent his 16 pupils to ask questions from the Buddha and return with his answers.  Mogharājā became an arahant and was esteemed by the Buddha as being foremost in wearing rough cloth.  Here is the teaching the Buddha gave him that led to his enlightenment:

"Look upon the world as empty, Mogharaja, ever mindful; uprooting the view of self you may thus be one who overcomes death. So regarding the world one is not seen by the King of Death."

The entire set of questions is available here:


Otherwise, all is well.  Planning to finish the Buddhism 101 series sometime soon, and working to make a Dhammapada video once a week.

Peace all.

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