Friday, August 09, 2013


Lots of things going on these days... the meditation mob was a great success, even with a modest turnout.  We managed to entice several people into joining us including four young boys and one of their mothers.  Check it out:

It went so well, we're planning another for tomorrow.  Jacob made a Facebook event here:

I've started a new series, at the prodding suggestion of Chen Si, called Buddhism 101.  As the name suggests, it's about basic Buddhist concepts, meant for newcomers to Buddhism.  Check it out here:

The short course in Ontario is still on for August 22-28, and if you haven't heard yet, it's at Wat Khmer Krom at 516 Barton St. E., Stoney Creek.  So far we have three people signed up for the week, which is pretty good for a first attempt.  Let us know if you'd like to stay with us, accommodations are limited.

The trip to Asia and potentially Europe is set for January 3rd to February 9th.  I'll be spending a couple of weeks in retreat, maybe ten days in Finland, and another two weeks teaching in Bangkok.  If you're in Europe and want to join the Finland course, let us know.

Otherwise, future plans are still uncertain; I'm leaning towards moving my base to Ontario after the rains, while hopefully being able to still travel back to Winnipeg to conduct courses.  Ontario just seems like a more viable alternative for setting up a meditation centre on the scale we're looking at - with so many people interested in coming for courses and potentially ordination from all over the world, we really need a solid local support base that seems somehow to be more than Winnipeg can offer.  More on this later, though.

For now, I'm still in the garage, which has lately become a video studio as well.  We have three residential meditators and three others who are coming daily; quite a full house.

Peace :)

they lie in your heart
caged demons spitting fire
dare you let them go? 

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