Wednesday, July 31, 2013

guerrilla meditation

We got to talking recently about ways to promote meditation here in Winnipeg, or at least determine how much interest already exists.  I mentioned sitting down in Kensington Park in Toronto once and having teenagers come up to ask about meditation.  I thought maybe we could just set up impromptu meditation teachings in a park downtown, something like "Guerrilla Meditation".  We joked about it for a bit, then someone suggested the obvious, that we might try a meditation flash mob.  Funny thing is, we're not the first to think of it:

Nonetheless, we'll probably be the first in Winnipeg, Canada :) So, this Saturday, August 3rd at 3 PM at "the Forks", Winnipeg will have its first meditation flash mob.  We'll meet at the main pavilion at  2:40 PM, travel together to a preselected copse of trees to run through the logistics, then split up, returning to the pavilion individually, where we'll sit for thirty minutes - not all under the pavilion, the idea is to spread out throughout the area.  Afterwords, we'll return to the copse of trees for a dhamma talk.

As to the why, besides simply creating exposure for the meditation practice, it seems to be something that has the potential to inspire those who are not yet inspired, and encourage those who are already inspired.  We'll be putting the results on YouTube in some form; here's a couple of clips of our preliminary testing:

So, if you're interested and in the area, please do come out, bring your own cushion or sitting mat.

In other news, I'm still working on Waiting For Metteyya, but other more mundane pursuits have gotten in the way lately.  Second chapter is about half finished, though somewhat rough yet.

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