Thursday, August 29, 2013


Returned to Winnipeg yesterday after the six night course in Hamilton.  The course went well, we had something like ten people participating in the course and one even managed to finish the tail end of a foundation course over the six nights.

Ideas for returning to Ontario in October to stay at Wat Khmer Krom have been somewhat dampened by the visit, though; it's clear that there's just too much going on there in too many different directions to provide any sort of base as a meditation centre, even temporarily.  Given that there are no other promising leads in Ontario, Manitoba is looking better these days.

Due to some scheduling mistakes, we have an over-full house here on Summerside, and Eva has graciously acquiesced to stay with a supporting family for the next five days.  The office is now occupied by a man who drove from somewhere in the States to ordain here; maybe I'll be moving the office stuff into the garage, though that might be problematic when it starts to get cold... anyway, no complaints, it's nice to have so much interest in the meditation practice.

Of course, this does mean that we are in dire need of some solution that will allow us to accommodate our growing community.  I've had the idea that what we really need is two locations - one in the city to accommodate new meditators and day-visitors, and one in the forest to accommodate long-term meditators and monastics.  Not sure if this is at all feasible, but it seems like the best way to fulfill the "demand" that we are experiencing.

More on this in times to come, going to take some time to rest today after the trip.

Peace :)

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