Tuesday, July 23, 2013

coming down on a sunny day

Entered the rains today in Winnipeg, so I'm here for yet three months.

Uploaded my third children's video today to YouTube:

Sorry it took so long; I've had the script prepared since last year, just before leaving Sri Lanka.

And, I've moved back to Blogger (I was here in 2006, briefly) for my weblog.  It's still at yuttadhammo.sirimangalo.org, but now we're no longer hosting it.  This is in a probably on-going effort to clean up and speed up our website; I'm thinking to retire my.sirimangalo and streamline ask.sirimangalo, as well as put canada.sirimangalo in the main www.sirimangalo.org website.  I'm aware that lots of stuff is broken right now, please be patient.

Tonight was Visuddhimagga night, so a bit tired, sorry for lack of verbosity.  All is well, be well :)

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