Saturday, July 27, 2013

almost there

Today is the fifth day of the rains retreat, the anniversary of the teaching of the Anatta-Lakkhana Sutta.  Not all that much rain, but already the floor of my room is wet - must be karmic, that :)

Plane ticket has been bought to go to Stoney Creek on August 22nd; here's the ticket info:

Winnipeg (YWG)
Thu Aug 22 2013, 3:30 PM
Hamilton (YHM)
Thu Aug 22 2013, 6:45 PM 

If anyone is in the Hamilton area who could drive me to the monastery in Stoney Creek, that would be great, otherwise I'll ask someone at the monastery to pick me up.

Another trip I've been thinking over is the one to Asia after the rains.  I would like to go see my teacher again, but somehow that seems like a meagre excuse to ask for an airplane ticket all the way there.  I have since been invited to teach in Bangkok and more recently in Finland, of all places.  If I happen to be in Finland, maybe it would be possible to make a trip to other European countries as well...  Somehow that makes it seem more reasonable to travel all that way - especially since I would be asking our non-profit organization to pay for the ticket.  Let me know if anyone would like to organize something in their country.

No new videos lately, just settling some of the loose ends involved in restructuring our website - My.Sirimangalo is gone, Ask.Sirimangalo is now a stand-alone Q&A forum, and the main site and my weblog are now hosted by Google.  If you got a password reset email recently, that was why - sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, and you'll need to resubscribe if you were getting email updates for my weblog.  I'll send one more mass email to subscribers to let them know.

Last major change will be to merge Canada.Sirimangalo into the main site; then I may just give up using Wordpress entirely.  Too much work for too little benefit.  That and Google is just sooo much more responsive and secure and cetera.

I've been thinking lately about ways to maximize the potential of the Internet; one thought was to start more on-line coaching.  If we could set up some sort of sign-up system, we could have a standard program for meeting meditators weekly at set times.  Another thing I've thought of was daily open Hangout sessions where people could drop in as it suited them.  Not sure if either would work, but both seem worth a try.

It just seems that without actually doing the work to spread the Buddha's teaching, we're likely to find ourselves overwhelmed by the non- or anti- Buddhist world.  The only way to protect Buddhism, I think, is to ensure that the majority of the world at least doesn't misunderstand it.  Or something like that :)

Blessings to all.

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