Saturday, June 01, 2013

Wat Khmer Krom

For those who don't know - probably most by now - Wat Khmer Krom of Stoney Creek was were I spent my first rains as a monk.  It's changed a lot since then, but still some nostalgia to be had.  Meet Peter's mother, who was at her wits' end over her gangster son.  Peter's grown up and grown out of gangsterism they say - guess the talks about hell we had in the graveyard ten years ago helped  :-) Chou, the man who was painting the pictures on the wall twelve years ago, when I showed up as a penniless yogi looking for a place after my first month of meditation in Thailand, stayed over last night with Peter's mom and a nun.

I'm staying in the neighbour's house just recently purchased and renovated.  They bought the other neighbour's house as well and built an outdoor hall to house an impressive jade Buddha image from Cambodia.

Rumours of visitors today - at 4pm there is a Visakha celebration in Mississauga at the West End Buddhist Vihara, so I might be out for a few hours then.  Still planning to give a talk at 1pm here. I'll try for the monk radio session at the usual time, but no promises.

The site went down a few days ago, not sure why, but the quiet was alarmingly pleasant :-) anyway, back up now, thanks to Peter's help.

Tomorrow night off to Rochester.  Back in Winnipeg June 10th.

Peace to all.

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