Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pitter Patter

Still waiting for big news; some more moderately-sized news in the meantime.

It looks like I will be heading to Ontario in August to teach meditation for a short period - August 22nd to 28th. I'll be at Stoney Creek again, so please feel free to get in touch and come out during that time. There's lots of room for overnight stay, and maybe a few people will even stay for the entire duration.

The sutta study on Saturday went well; going to try to continue that every week (see Monk Radio was supposed to move to Sunday, but I'm having second thoughts (more like tenth or eleventh thoughts, I suppose) about continuing it. Too many questions!

That's all, not much happening, no news is good news, as they say.

Blessings :)

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  1. Brian3:22 PM

    I liked the Ask A Monk series. It was just one question. That allowed the YouTube viewer to choose to hear an answer to a question that they wanted more information about. I often go back an re-listen to videos on certain topics. Thank you for sharing your teaching on YouTube. I find it very helpful