Friday, June 14, 2013

Leeches and Ticks and Bears, Oh My!

No, kidding, I saw a black bear climb down from the Oak tree in our yard yesterday while sitting in meditation in front of my kuti (me, not the bear). The oddest thing, to see it's black bulk scaling down the trunk fifty or so feet from me.

Back in Winnipeg, just settling into life here again. Much greener than before, the birds are singing even now at 9:30 PM. The only minor nuisance is the wood ticks, but of all the hundred or so I've picked off my robes and skin after a good romp through the bush, not a single one has actually bitten me, to my knowledge. They're pretty pathetic as far as parasites go, I must say - not that I'm complaining. And no, we have it on good authority that they don't carry Lyme disease (that's deer ticks, haven't seen any yet).

Sorry I didn't make any videos during the trip; somehow there just wasn't the inspiration. Tonight we did another Dhammapada video - verse 50, one of my favourites.

I'm thinking of moving the Monk Radio Q&A to Sunday at 1PM my time, which is... 1800h UTC. Hoping to add a Saturday 1PM (1800h) broadcast of our sutta study, but that may have to wait until I can get the right cable. We'll see tomorrow. Probably these changes will take place next week instead.

We're having a meeting on Sunday to discuss something important/top-secret that has been brewing in our organization for the past two months. Hopefully we will make a final decision and I can tell you all about it.

Until then, a wholly-unrelated set of seventeen syllables:

hot hands grope old-age
lover's lips seek out death's kiss
romancing the grave

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  1. cindy ravenmoon9:23 PM

    So happy to see that you made it back in one piece Bhante!! Welcome home.
    Peace and happiness always,