Thursday, May 23, 2013

Days of Peace

Tomorrow is the full moon day of Visakha. As mentioned, the plan was to have a weekend retreat, so please feel free to come out during the day tomorrow or Saturday. Unfortunately, I'm flying Sunday morning, so if you are staying over night, we have to kick everyone out Sunday morning. We already have a few people coming, maybe overnighters. Anyway, all are welcome.

I'm set to be in Stoney Creek as planned, May 31st - June 2nd, and there's lots of room for meditators at the monastery (big things have happened since I last lived there ten years ago!). The address again is 516 Barton St. E, Stoney Creek, ON.

Been reading some interesting articles about mental health lately, some surrounding this funny DSM-V thing. Here's two of the blogs I've been following:

I particularly liked this article, from the UK:

Over the last half a century leaders within the profession of psychiatry, academics who have devoted their professional lives to discovering the biological basis of psychosis, have acknowledged that biological and neurosciences have failed to establish the validity of a single psychiatric diagnosis [iv] [v] [vi] [vii] [viii]. Moreover, there are serious doubts about the nature and quality of the evidence for the effectiveness of most psychiatric drugs1 . Apart from their obvious mind-numbing effects, it has not been demonstrated that any type of drug used to treat mental health problems has any specific, or targetted action. The idea that psychiatric drugs correct underlying chemical imbalances or any other presumed abnormality is no more than a myth[ix].


Biological, neureodevelopmental and genetic factors have little role to play in explaining psychosis because they are incapable of accounting for the complexity of consciousness and embodied experience[x]. In contrast, personal narratives of adversity have a central role in understanding how people cope with, and recover from, psychosis[xi] [xii]. To deny the importance of these factors is to deny the importance of finding meaning in suffering, a prerequisite for recovery.

I'm telling you, eventually they're all just going to realize they should have been prescribing insight meditation all along.

Two meditators here now - Lama Gerry finished his course yesterday with another long-time meditator. Both had great results and were able to appreciate the technique, which should help to encourage more meditators in the area to try it out.

In June we already have the makings of a full house, and still lots of interest over the long term.

I've been lax in the video making department; I've been trying to record live streams; tomorrow evening I'll try to record the 7 PM (CDT time) talk and then Saturday's 1 PM session. When I return, we'll try to have a daily 7 PM live stream if possible (except Tuesdays and Saturdays). Then there's the Saturday Q&A session at 5 PM as usual at

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