Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Snow Showers

Still enjoying the wintery weather in Winnipeg. Not a single mosquito :)

Jared decided not to ordain after all, and is leaving at the end of the month, I think.

I'm planning a trip to Toronto and New York for May 26th to June 9th.

May 24th is Visakha, the day of the Buddha's enlightenment and parinibbana. I am thinking of having a special weekend retreat, Friday to Sunday here.

Second Life sessions have been moved to Thursdays at 3:30 SLT.

The deer are coming around to eat our leftover food:

deer at Parideha Forest Monastery

My how to meditate booklet is being printed in Sri Lanka again and should be here by Visakha for distribution.

That's all. Here's a Haiku:

Days go and days come.
Why count the spokes of a wheel?
Centre's ever still.