Monday, April 01, 2013

Another Monday

So, I did take a snowshoe hike through the forest Friday, all the way to the back of the property.  Lots of rabbit and deer tracks.  No sign of their owners yet.  Nice to be out in nature again, especially the sort of nature I grew up with.

Sick today, some sort of throat infection; Sarana has it as well. 

Many visitors, both from the Sri Lankan community and the indigenous Canadian Buddhist population. 

My hut has a floor in it this morning, and the door is going on as I type.  Some paint, a carpet, and electric fixtures and it should be moveinable.

Another video to upload last night, bringing the total backlog to seven.  Should start uploading Wednesday.

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. cindy ravenmoon7:12 PM

    Happy Monday Bhante! I hope you feel better very soon, and I hope your move into your new hut goes well.

    Peace and Happiness to you always.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Happy monday!


  3. Virasorn10:01 AM

    Hi Ajarn Yuttadhammo

    G-day from Sydney, Australia.
    Hope you get better real soon. Drinking honey with warm water helps. Gargle with salt water helps too.
    Your teachings have help me understand so much. Thank you.