Friday, February 08, 2013

Whimsical Weather

So, last night in Ontario will be spent in Sunderland after all... Snow wreaked havoc on most of Western North America today, hopefully all will be well for the flight tomorrow.

Anyway, finding much peace in the cold weather - today's photo du jour expresses it nicely:

And yes, those are snow shoes :-)

Winnipeg tomorrow, nature willing, and some hard core getting down to work on my part. Enough of this travel rubbish.  Er... except it sounds like I may be going to Los Angeles after all, and then there's Vancouver, Florida...  Hmm.

ทำอะไรได้?  Monawade karanade? Que peut-on faire? Ki.m kareyya.m?  Or, in other words, 'what can one do?'. Take the present as it comes and thus one's color keep, je pense.

A house waiting in Winnipeg, and a new applicant for noviciacy.  Turns out the house we were looking at in Ontario got taken off the market, so maybe Manitoba will become home base, whatever that means :-).  Someday we'll have a meditation centre somewhere... or we won't, whichever the universe allows.

Peace to all, see you in the present.