Saturday, February 02, 2013

Thinking of heading into Toronto tomorrow... anyone there interested in meeting this week?  I'm hoping to take a trip to see a house near Hamilton that we might be able to turn into a monastery in the future, and just connecting with the people I know in Toronto.  Let me know if you're in the area and interested in meeting up.


  1. Stefano Vaez Tehrani1:19 PM

    I'm interested

  2. Justin Strickland5:00 PM

    Never met you - but I'd love to hang out one day! I am not in Canada, but in Florida - living mere miles from an abandoned retreat center, in the forest, with a lake. It is secluded, but accessable. It was beautiful once, but now unkept. Duality comes to mind!

  3. cindy ravenmoon8:01 PM

    I wish I could, It would be an honor! I hope to come and see you when you get settled somewhere.

  4. liz338:28 PM

    Hi Bhante,
    I know, it's hard for you to know exactly where you going to be like in two months, every day brings something new..., but I would like to plan a trip with a little in advance, since I live in pennsylvania. Do not I have a teacher, and I need a guide in my meditation practice, even for a day, thanks for such a noble and selfless help to others.