Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Made it to Winnipeg, staying in a small house at 1046 Chevrier Blvd with one meditator, Jared from Ontario.

We are staying with the support of a group of Sri Lankan families who are providing the house and covering all of our expenses. We have had a few meetings already in the short time I've been here and have begun work towards setting up a dedicated meditation centre, something that has been in their minds as well.

We have a tentative daily schedule here as follows:

4:30 AM - group meditation
7:00 AM - breakfast
10:00 AM - lunch
4:00 PM - reporting
7:00 PM - chanting
7:30 PM - dhamma talk
8:00 PM - group meditation

Just got Internet up today, computer still on its way from Ontario. Will update more as things get settled here. All is well :)


  1. Michael Roe11:46 AM

    Congratulations, Bhante. This is a great step forward. Anumodana to and with the Sri Lanka community in Winnipeg.

  2. Good to hear. Hope it's not too cold for you there. Stay warm. :)

  3. Lynna1:38 PM

    So happy that finally everything comes good. Congratulations. OM MANI PADME HUM

  4. liz336:11 PM

    Great to hear that! up date the wish list soon. Blessings

  5. Tom Fisher10:39 PM

    Congratulations Bhante Abhivadanasilissa niccam vuddhapacayino cattaro dhamma vaddhanti ayu vanno sukham balam.

  6. Thomas Balsillie10:52 PM

    Congratulations, Bhante. I look forward to the day that you we have a meditation center here in Ontario after the Not-for-profit is registered.

  7. Kapila Sudesh12:29 AM

    Venue. Bhante. Hope you'll start monk radio again.

  8. Leonardo Dela Merced Nueva Espana1:30 AM

    Congratulations Bhante, May all be well.