Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visiting Hours

If anyone wants to come to visit and talk about meditation, etc., maybe today would be a good day.  I should be at the hospital all day and there is a room for visiting purposes.  Just send me a message first to let me know when you'll be coming.  It's the Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket. Ask for Lloyd Greenspoon's room when you arrive.


  1. Charline Cormier10:16 AM

    Too bad I'm not closer, I would have gone for sure. New-Brunswick is a bit far :(
    Have a good day, and I hope your father is doing well.


  2. cindy ravenmoon4:56 PM

    I wish I was closer. I would have visited for sure! I hope your dad is doing better.
    Peace to you always my friend!

  3. Michael Jones6:08 PM

    I was born in Newmarket hospital , but i live in BC now, to far to visit ,wish that I could , hope your father gets well soon .

    Take care and be safe Yuttadhammao

  4. Norma Gonzalez10:14 PM

    Dear Yuttadhammo,
    I would like to be closer, to visit you, I have no one to share the Buddhist teachings and meditation practice.
    Hopefully this year come true and I can get to Canada, which is closer than Sri Lanka.
    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful videos and teachings.
    I'm here for what might be useful, don't forget. I hope your father recovers very soon.