Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Think of life as a study course, where the only thing that matters is whether you are paying attention in class or not.  They who are inattentive learn nothing.


  1. cindy ravenmoon9:07 PM

    So very true!

  2. Beautifully succinct. -a

  3. imani willis2:18 AM

    We'd all be enlightened if the educational systems shared your philosophy. I wonder when schools will set aside the childs play and realize theres one course that will improve both math and reading skills at the same time. And every other skill for that matter. The way they teach in american schools is criminal negligance. Take from a child his curiosity and there will be little left of him, he will not even care to understand, content in ignorance. So society is what it has become and few mind it at all. And i sit here wandering if someone has not planned it this way, how then could we have made such a hideous monster?

  4. imani willis2:32 AM

    For most kids in school there is a definate point where life ends and the study course begins. There should be no such distinction.